Windscreen Insurance

Not all comprehensive motor insurance policies include windscreen cover. Small chips or cracks can easily become a bigger problem if left unattended and the cost to repair or replace your windscreen is often expensive. 

Why you need windscreen cover:

Chips and cracks happen in the blink of an eye and if left unattended, can lead to more serious damage. It is also not advisable to drive with a cracked windscreen as it may affect your ability to see the road ahead clearly which not only puts you at risk, but other motorists on the road as well. Your windscreen is a very important part of motor safety and fixing any damage that you’ve noticed should be repaired or replaced sooner rather than later.

The windscreen plays a significant structural role to the cabin of a car. For instance, in a car rollover, the windscreen prevents the roof from collapsing and provides 60% of the structural integrity.

The windscreen is also used a support surface against which airbags inflate in a front end collision, provided that it has been fitted correctly.

Avoid windscreen damage with the following tips:

Drive behind other vehicles at a safe following distance. This will ensure that any small stones that fling up don’t directly hit your windscreen. Try to stay at least two car lengths away from the car in front of you.

If you’re driving on a country road where there may be a lot of gravel debris, slow down to avoid greater impact from flying rocks and stones.

Our windscreen cover:

We will insure You during the period of this Insurance against:

• Breakage of windows or windscreen glass; and
• Damage to the windscreen, which is sufficient to cause the vehicle to fail a Department of Transport M.O.T. test.

This insurance is subject to a £60 excess. You must pay the first £60 of the cost of any replacement window or
windscreen glass. This excess applies if Your Windscreen or glass is repaired or replaced.

Will you need to replace or repair your windscreen?:

Whether your windscreen will need to be repaired or replaced will depend on how big the chip or crack is and where on the windscreen it is located.
Windscreen replacement companies divide the windscreen into different zones to determine what course of action is best.

For example, in Zone A, is the most critical zone and is directly in the driver’s line of vision. Only chips of up to 10mm can be repaired and anything larger means a windscreen replacement is needed. In the UK, a car will fail its MOT test if the maximum damage size is 10mm in the drivers’ line of vision (the ‘A’ zone – that vertical strip 290mm wide centred on the steering wheel), and if it exceeds 40mm elsewhere

Stay safe on the road with a windscreen policy today.