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We are sorry that you have reason to seek further advice, guidance or assistance relating to the validation of your gadget insurance policy. Before requesting further help it’s important to give you all the information so you can make an informed choice.

Brief Overview

Here is a quick summary of what we cover on this page :

(1) Your policy and documents
(2) Before You Purchase
(3) What you purchased

Your policy and documents

It is important to note that you have entered into two contracts. Your Policy, which includes the Policy Wording, Policy Schedule and Insurance Product Information Document (IPID), which constitutes your contract between you and the Insurer and the Terms Of Business, which constitutes your contract between you and your Broker, that’s Nova Direct. You are bound by both of these contracts.

The Policy Wording and IPID are both available prior to purchase and linked from the Cover Selection page, see an example below. However for reference we do email these documents to you immediately after purchase and they are also available online under the Policy Documents page found in each product section of the website.

Before You Purchase

We understand that insurance, at times, can be complex so we extract some key terms and conditions and highlight right before purchase. These are detailed in the Your Agreement section and cover Key Terms & Conditions, Cancellation and Refund Policy, Data Protection and Renewal Process.

To quote from the Key Terms & Conditions section it says “You must complete the gadget validation process within 7 days of purchase by emailing Nova Direct. Full details are provided in the Policy Wording. You may validate your gadget after the 7 day period subject to a late validation fee.”

We ask you to read and agree to the Terms And Conditions, Finance Terms (if applicable) and Policy Wording before purchasing. All 3 documents are linked so you have the option to read them in full prior to purchase. Agreement is mandatory and you cannot complete the purchase without agreeing to the terms and documents mentioned.

The above is an example from Gadget Insurance, however the process is the same for all products that require validation including home appliance and home emergency.

What you purchased

Whilst we try and stick to plain English there is an important legal term called Caveat Emptor which covers the sale of all Nova Direct polices online. It’s the principle that the buyer alone is responsible for checking the quality and suitability of product and/or service before a purchase is made.

When purchasing online it is classed as a non-advised sale as the advice of Nova Direct was not offered or given to make the sale. This means it is upto you, and you alone, to read all the documentation prior to purchase and ensure the product mets your requirements.

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