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Let’s help you opt out of renewal

We’re sorry to hear that you are thinking of not renewing your Nova Direct policy and the information on this page is aimed to make the process, and your request, as simple as possible. Please note that we ask that all renewal opt outs are requested via My Account.  We cannot accept requests by phone or live chat.

How do l opt out of renewal?

To opt out of renewal or cancel your automatic renewal please:

  • Login to My Account
  • Link your policy
  • Click View Details, on the policy you wish to opt out of
  • Click Opt Out next to Renewal Status

We may have automatically set you up an account during your policy purchase, if you have you forgotten your password you can request a new password.  If you do not have an account you or receive an error, similar to, “Email address not recognised. Please register”, then you need to register and can register for free.

Receiving an email from us about renewal does not necessarily mean you have a My Account login. You may need to register.

What happens and when?

There is no charge for opting out of your auto-renewing policy. We will confirm your opt out within 48 working hours. You can login to My Account and check your Renewal Status at any time.

Has your policy already renewed?

To ensure continuation of cover we do renew your policy, and charge for the renewal, up to 7 days prior to your policy expiry date. This is mentioned when you purchase and detailed again on your renewal reminder email.

If your policy has renewed, and your card charged for the following years premium, then you can still opt out at anytime prior to the start date of the renewed policy. To opt out of renewal or cancel the automatic renewal please login to My Account and link your policy, if you have not already done so. Click View Details, on the policy you wish to opt out of, and click Opt Out next to Renewal Status.

Within 48 working hours we will cancel your policy renewal (providing it’s not started) and email you confirmation.  A refund of the premium will be arranged, which takes 7-10 working days, and you’ll be emailed confirmation of the the refund request. Finally, we will email you confirmation of your policy renewal opt out.