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Let’s help you opt out of renewal

We’re sorry to hear that you are thinking of not renewing your Nova Direct policy and the information on this page is aimed to make the process, and your request, as simple as possible. Please note that we require all renewal opt outs to be requested in writing; by email or online.  We cannot accept requests by phone or live chat.

The guidance on this page applies to car, home and van insurance policies only.  The guidance DOES NOT not apply to breakdown policies.

What happens and when?

There is no charge for opting out of your auto-renewing policy. Upon submitting your request you will receive an automated response to confirm receipt. Your request will be actioned within 48 working hours and you will receive confirmation by email.

Has your policy already renewed?

To ensure continuation of cover we renew your policy, and charge for the renewal, up to 7 days prior to your policy expiry date. If your policy has already renewed, and your card charged, you will need to contact us to cancel the renewal.

Opt Out Of Renewal