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Let’s help with your cancellation

We’re sorry to hear that you are thinking of cancelling your Nova Direct policy. The information on this page is aimed to make the process, and your request, as simple as possible. Please note that we require all cancellations to be requested via My Account.  We cannot accept requests by phone or live chat.

The guidance on this page applies to all Nova Direct policies, with the exception to car, home and van insurance, purchased more than 14 days ago.

How do I cancel my policy?

To request cancellation please:

  • Login to My Account
  • Link your policy
  • Click View Details, on the policy you wish to opt out of
  • Click the Cancel Policy button

We may have automatically set you up an account during your policy purchase, if you have you forgotten your password you can request a new password.  If you do not have an account you or receive an error, similar to, “Email address not recognised” you can register for free.

What happens and when?

To process a cancellation there is a £9.98 administration fee.  The fee is payable regardless of time on cover, is non-refundable and must be paid in full prior to a cancellation request being processed. For further details of the cancellation fee please check your Terms and Conditions and Policy Wording. Upon payment, your policy will be cancelled and cover will cease.

If you have opted to pay your annual premium on a monthly basis, taking out Premium Credit to do so, then you will be required to settle the full balance before your cancellation request is processed. Upon receipt of your cancellation request we will contact you to advise the amount owing on your premium finance account, held with Nova Premium Finance.

What about a refund?

Please note that should you cancel after the initial 14 days cooling-off period then no refund of the premium, pro-rate of otherwise, is due.

Where can I get further information?

Our cancellation policy, the associated fees and charges, are mentioned prior to purchase under the section “Key Terms & Conditions”. In addition detail are given within our Terms of Business, your Policy Wording and clarified in our Frequently Asked Questions.

Your cancellation rights are detailed at section 33 of our Terms and Conditions. The cancellation fees are further details at section 25 of our Terms and Conditions. Please note that our cancellation process does not affect your statutory rights.

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