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Let’s help with your cancellation

We’re sorry to hear that you are thinking of cancelling your Nova Direct car, van or home insurance policy and the information on this page is aimed to make the process, and your request, as simple as possible. Please note that we cannot accept cancellation requests by phone or email.

What fees apply

Regardless of when you cancel your policy an administration fee will apply which is £75. This fee covers our advertising costs, the processing costs and our dedicated Brokers time. If you have opted for monthly instalments, via premium finance, there is an additional £50 cancellation fee levied by the finance provider. All these fees are detailed within our Terms and Conditions as accepted by you at the point of purchase.

Will I get a full refund?

If you have cancelled during the validation stage, after payment of the cancellation fee, your deposit will be refunded in full, less any offset to the finance provider if applicable. If however your policy has begun you may be charged a pro-rata charge for your time on cover, a commission clawback (applicable after the 14 day cooling off period) and each insurer may also charge you their own cancellation fees which are unique to each.

What about the 14-day cooling off period?

The 14-day cooling off period allows you to exit a contract without being charged a commission clawback penalty. However, it does not allow for the waiving of our administration fees, nor for any time you have used by being on cover.

What happens after the cancellation process?

If you are paying monthly, please do not cancel your direct debit until we have confirmed cancellation of your policy as doing so may result in a premium shortfall which could result in debt collection proceedings being initiated against you which could in turn effect your credit rating. Once the cancellation fee has been received our Broker Team will process your cancellation and send you relevant correspondence with regards to this.

Any relevant refunds are processed within 14 days and can take a further 5 working days for clearance into your account. For this reason we ask that you allow 3 weeks to receive any return premium. If after 3 weeks you have not received your returned premium, please contact us.

Where can I get further information?

Our cancellation policy is mentioned prior to purchase, is contained within our Terms of Business and clarified in our Frequency Asked Questions. Please note that our Cancellation Process does not breach your statutory rights.

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