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Pet Claim Request

What is the Claims Process?

Please note that we are currently experiencing delays in processing pet insurance claims. Your claim will be acknowledged within 72 working hours. However we would ask that you await an update by email rather than call our Customer Services team.

Our Pet Claims process requires that you provide a completed claim form and documentary evidence before our Claims Team can reach a relevant claims decision. If the policy pays out, we will assess the damage and make a relevant financial award. As per the policy terms and conditions, we reserve the right to mitigate the losses at our sole discretion.

If you have paid on monthly instalments, you will be required to settle any outstanding policy premiums to Nova Premium Finance before a claim can be considered. We do require that you pay your excess up front in order to speed up the process. In the event that your claim is denied your excess will be refunded back to you in full but your policy premium will remain non-refundable.

Please note that should we deem your device repairable we reserve the right to be able to instruct you where your device can be repaired. You are able to opt to use your own repairer but our settlement offer will be limited to the amount we would pay our own approved repairer. Should your device be deemed non-repairable or uneconomical to repair we reserve the right to provide you with a suitable market value cash out offer, based on our sole discretion. Evidence of how the offer validation has been arrived at will be provided to you upon request.

Please note that every claim is individually assessed and therefore we do not warrant for a timeframe in which your claim will be concluded within. However, we do endeavour to deal with all claims in earnest.

What evidence is required?

If your Pet has been damaged, we will require:

  • Visible and clear images of the damage
  • Copy estimate of repair obtained from a suitable repair centre
  • Copy checkmend report, which must be obtained at your own expense from

If your Pet has been lost/stolen we will require:

  • Letter from your Network Provider confirming that the device has been reported as lost/stolen and has since been barred
  • Copy loss report, which must be obtained at your own expense from
  • If your device has been stolen, a copy of the Police Report showing a relevant Crime Reference number

On all claims we require:

  • Copy purchase invoice
  • Details of any financed used to purchase the Pet, including a copy of the Purchase
  • Proof of usage in your name

Claim Details

Details of any nominated bank accounts where settlement of your claim can be paid into:

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