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Call us to make a new claim

If you need to make a claim on a travel insurance policy purchased from Nova Direct, please refer to your Policy Wording for the details on how to do this. Nova Direct Customer Services are unable to advise who to call without you having your policy wording to hand.

All the travel insurance providers we work with include full details of what you should do in the event of a claim and full contact details in their policy wording.

Emergency Medical Assistance whilst you are away

All the travel insurance providers we use provide 24-hour emergency medical assistance. You will find full emergency contact details on your policy schedule and in your travel insurance policy wording. We recommend you take your policy schedule with you when you travel, so you have these details at hand if you need them

Whilst other forms of contact are available, such as email, they do not provide immediate assistance.

Calls to our numbers are charged at local rate using any inclusive free minutes within your phone or mobile package. If chargeable, calls are charged at a lower rate than the 0800/0845 number (around 4p a minute depending on the network, charges may vary depending on your network provider).